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Church Working With Albertan Officials to Provide Support for Flood Victims

Local leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are assessing the situation of those affected by the floods that have hit southern Alberta. People in the most devastated regions of High River and Calgary, Alberta, report that the disaster is the worst in memory, as the swift and sudden rivers have overflowed riverbanks.

The Church is especially mindful of those who have lost loved ones and the thousands of people who are now homeless.

“Very few places in High River are not under water,” said Doug Kabeary, local business owner and member of the Church in High River. Social media is being used to ensure that people are safe and taken care of.

High River resident Deborah Kennett was evacuated Thursday night with her six children while her husband Bryce worked throughout the night sandbagging at the local hospital.  “It's completely devastating,” said Kennett. “It's just so heartbreaking to see people's houses completely destroyed. ... With a flash flood, you literally don't have time for anything. You need to get out ... and get out now."

Local Mormon leaders are working in partnership with local agencies to assist in community relief efforts. Local Church leaders are also establishing a relief operations centre to coordinate supplies and volunteers.

Local area Church leader Elder Lawrence Spackman reports that Latter-day Saints helped evacuate people in 25 communities. Many families are out of their homes, but everyone is being housed.

Mormon missionaries in the Canada Calgary Mission and local Church members are preparing to assist in volunteer relief efforts as directed by local leaders.  

“We have many faithful members who are looking at this as a chance to love and serve their neighbours,” said Elder Spackman.

Local Church leaders will continue to assess the situation. Canada Mormon Newsroom will provide more information about the Church’s relief efforts with others in the community as information becomes available.


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