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Latter-day Saints Find Ways to Give Thanks Throughout the Year

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints celebrate Thanksgiving on October 14 with their fellow Canadians. All take this special day to remember their abundance and to reverence all who have contributed to their prosperity. Many choose to show their gratitude by reaching out to serve those around them.

The Toronto Ontario Ward of the Church extends a hand of friendship each Thanksgiving by hosting a dinner open to “anyone who would like to join,” explains Jeana Wilson, Toronto Ontario Stake director of public affairs. “[The dinner] was created for those who are new to Canada and are celebrating Thanksgiving for the first time, people who don’t have family here or people who want to enjoy good company with good food.”

Latter-day Saint Happiness Aduwa Osazee of Scarborough, Ontario, knows first-hand the feeling of being new to Canada as he arrived just under a year ago. Wanting to show his gratitude to God, Aduwa sought service opportunities. Through the Church’s JustServe initiative, he found a volunteer opportunity at Variety Village, a fitness centre for all abilities.

“I decided to explore my strengths and skills by serving in the community,” said Osazee. “In fulfilling this religious obligation, I have been blessed beyond measure. I’ve learned the way-of-life in a different culture, gained [work] experience in Canada and most important, have been retained as a full-time employee.”

Osazee explains that he and other Church members are motivated to volunteer because service is “the back-bone of our belief as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”

In a similar effort to be involved in the community, members of the Church from the Scarborough Ontario Ward recently held a blood -donation drive at a local clinic. The effort was so successful that the members plan on making the blood drive a bi-monthly event.

This is just a snapshot of the many ways members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints give back to their communities. Throughout Canada, Latter-day Saints are extending the spirit of Thanksgiving throughout the entire year, putting their gratitude into action.

Kullervo Hynynen, president of the Toronto Ontario Stake, offers this message: “As we celebrate Thanksgiving, let us first give gratitude to God for all that we have, then let us follow Christ’s example to love and serve our fellow beings. Many members of the Church have discovered that serving others is how we experience real joy. We extend this invitation to all.”

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