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Latter-day Saints Join Other Christians in Prayer for Nation

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints joined other Christians at the National Prayer Breakfast (NPB) to pray for Canada’s youth, Indigenous peoples, the marginalized, those governing our nation and those persecuted for their faith. The breakfast was held in Ottawa and is in its 54th year.

In her first year as chair of the NPB, Member of Parliament Cathay Wagantall expressed a desire for increased prayer and spiritual reflection. She said, “Today we come together from across Canada to express praise to our God, Creator of all things.”

The two-hour event included eight thoughtful prayers in addition to spiritual reflections from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Member of Parliament Andrew Scheer (leader of the official Opposition) and Member of Parliament Daniel Blaikie (New Democratic Party).

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are encouraged to pray unceasingly (see 1 Thess. 5:17). David Thomas, president of the Kitchener Ontario Stake, attends the NPB annually. He commented, “I really appreciate the increased priority on prayer this year. Many of the identified priorities are the same things we’ve been praying for in our homes and local congregations. I felt very united in purpose joining with others to petition the Lord’s blessings.”

Excerpts from the various prayers are as follows:

Wyzdom McCalla-Rodol, praying for the youth, said, “Help us to exercise our faith, making plans according to Your will, as we anticipate a better Canada. Teach us to be wise and turn to You for answers concerning all things.”

Honorary Chief Kenny Blacksmith, praying for Indigenous peoples, said, “Teach us to love, and help us to release forgiveness, forgiveness that cannot be legislated, forgiveness that is not political, forgiveness that cannot be bought, sold or traded.”

Hon. Jack Murta, praying for the marginalized, said, “We have been called to have a heart for the poor and to show mercy to those that are struggling each day. We ask that ... You give us the courage to be Your hands and feet and do Your work in this world.”

Rev. Dr. Andrew Bennett, praying for those governing our nation, said, “Have mercy upon the prime minister, members of the cabinet, all members of Parliament and senators that they may truly serve not themselves but You, O Lord, and faithfully ... that they might govern justly and to the best of their abilities, always seeking to defend and uphold what is right, good and true.”

MP David Anderson, praying for those persecuted for their faith, said, “Bless those who are insulted and persecuted and who have all kinds of evil spoken against them because of following You. May their reward in heaven be great.”

In his concluding prayer for Canada and the Nations, Supreme Court Justice Russell Brown thanked the Lord for this great land and petitioned the Lord’s blessing for courage, endurance and wisdom to do His will.

President Thomas encourages all to pray for the same: “There is great strength in collective prayer. We should all be praying for courage, endurance and wisdom, that we can best contribute to making this nation the best it can possibly be.”

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