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Latter-day Saints Offer Love and Support to Muslim Community

A memorial service for victims of the Quebec City massacre at a Muslim mosque on January 29, 2017, was held at the TARIC Islamic Centre in Toronto, Ontario, on February 4 and attended by followers of several faiths, including The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


Imam Shaykh Imran Ally conducted the service, saying, “This horrific attack … has devastated all faith worshippers, since places of worship are our last hope of safe sanctuaries.” However, he said the Muslim community would remain strong, calling the heartfelt outpouring of support from across Canada and around the world “unbelievable.”

Invited to express condolences following the main speakers, Jim Wilson (Toronto Ontario Stake director of public affairs for the Church), on behalf of the Toronto Ontario Stake president, Kullervo Hynynen, offered a message of compassion, fellowship, brotherly love and mutual respect and wished for God’s blessing upon all those in attendance.

Event chairperson Haroon Salamat said, “The purveyors of hate would like to place a barrier between Muslims and the Canadian community, but they have failed, and they will never succeed as long as people of goodwill like you stand shoulder to shoulder with us and other victims of bigotry.”

Leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Canada were quick to express sorrow and condemnation for the tragic shootings and to offer support to all those affected by such a senseless act of violence.

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