Meet Canadian Mormons: Profiles of Faith

While their backgrounds and experiences are diverse, Mormons in Canada share a deep commitment to Jesus Christ, to each other, and to their neighbours. View these stories of faith in the everyday lives of two members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints living in Canada, as well as hundreds of other profiles of Canadian Mormons.

Hi, I'm Bev Gosling.

I am an awarding-winning home designer, having won awards for both custom and small home designs. I have designed three subdivisions, nearly 100 custom homes, as well as over 600 renovations to existing homes. I have built two rural homes for my family within the past six years. We presently live in a [century-old] Victorian home built in 1894.

I am a wife and mother. My children are adults now and living lives of their own, even starting [their own] families. We are a blended family and growing in numbers as each of our three children add to their numbers.

I have been a council member for the Association of Architectural Technologists [which has] over 1,300 members. I am an accredited architectural technologist, qualified for residential and large building. My years of experience have given me opportunity to design many diverse projects: residential, commercial and government.

I teach part-time at a college — the Youth Apprenticeship Program for students looking at becoming electricians. I have taught the History of Architecture and CADD Applications [courses]. I enjoy my work and working with people.

I have been a Mormon all my life. I grew up in the Church in Montreal, Quebec. My brother and I were the only members in our school. I learned strong gospel principles and gained moral character through learning the principles of the gospel. I love my Saviour, Jesus Christ. Life is not always easy, but when you have faith in God and know Him as a loving Heavenly Father, it can make life's trials easier to handle and joys even greater. With aging parents and children starting families of their own, it is really important to know that God has a plan for each one's life.


Hi, I'm Adonal Noble.

I am a realtor and I love my job. Working with the public is something different every day. I have been working with the public since age five, starting [work in Uruguay] with my father, then on my own when I was 14. Now in Canada — this area where work is a great diversity of language and customs — I gain knowledge by talking to [the public] about their countries and customs. It’s also good to make new friends.

I was baptized at age 19. Since then I have developed a love for all reading material. Every day I read the Book of Mormon and the Ensign magazine [published monthly by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints]. I love history and I try to read all I see.

In 1998 I started a charity program as a continuation of what I was doing before with my close family. Now I have found extended family members that need help too: family, Church members and schools. In rural areas I take everything to the children's houses by horseback. In the city I deliver goods to homes, churches and the hospital by motorcycle. For the sick children and newborn babies ... I send boxes throughout the year. The items are donated to me by family, friends and Church members. It is amazing how people want to get involved. They get the same giving feeling as I do! is one of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' official websites and helps those unfamiliar with the Church become acquainted with the faith's basic beliefs and everyday members. To view hundreds of other profiles of Mormon Canadians on, please click here.

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