Youth in the Church

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints provides a comprehensive program for youth through its Young Men and Young Women organizations. Youth ages 11 through 17, meet in classes on Sundays for religious instruction and several times during the month for social activities including service projects, sports, camping and dances. Young men and women are also given leadership positions within the organization, in which they learn leadership skills such as setting goals, planning group activities and solving problems.

Young Men

Worthy boys are ordained as deacons in the Aaronic Priesthood at the age of 11. They advance to the office of a teacher at age 14 and then to the office of priest at age 16. One of the primary responsibilities of leaders in the Young Men organization is to prepare young men to shoulder priesthood responsibilities and build testimonies of Jesus Christ and His gospel.

Responsibilities of young men who hold priesthood office include preparing and offering the sacrament (communion) to Church members during Sunday worship services, visiting and teaching members in their homes and collecting contributions for the poor.

The Young Men organization also prepares boys for future obligations in their family, personal life and community through its personal development program.

Young Women

The purpose of the Young Women organization is to help young women build their testimonies of Jesus Christ and learn skills to prepare for their future roles as women in the Church as contributing members of society.

Leaders of young women plan bi-weekly Sunday classes that teach young women gospel principles and how to apply them in daily living.

Young women participate in a personal development program focusing on spiritual, social, physical and intellectual goals. Young women also learn valuable skills through the Young Women camping program.


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