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Mormon Apostles Continue Visits Across Canada

The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints traverse the globe to meet with members, train local Church leaders and missionaries, visit government and civic leaders and, most importantly, be “special witnesses of the name of Christ in all the world” (D&C 107:23).

A few of the apostles’ recent travels to Canada are detailed below, including visits to thousands of people in the Calgary, Lethbridge, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver areas.

Elder Russell M. Nelson Visits Calgary, Alberta

On 16 March 2014 Elder Russell M. Nelson visited Calgary, Alberta, and expressed his love for the members of the Church in Canada. He said that the Canadian Latter-day Saints have been a seedbed of faith for years and have provided many leaders in the Church.

Elder Nelson encouraged parents to teach the gospel in their homes and to reach out in love to those who need to be rescued. He took a very special moment to address hundreds of children in the congregation and requested that they stand together and sing “I Am a Child of God,” a favourite children’s hymn.

Also attending the weekend conference were Elder Richard J. Maynes of the Presidency of the Seventy, Bishop Gary E. Stevenson of the Presiding Bishopric and Elder G. Lawrence Spackman, an Area Seventy.

Elder David A. Bednar Visits Toronto, Ontario

Elder David A. Bednar’s visit to Toronto, Ontario, 21–23 March 2014 included talks given to young single adults, training for local leaders and an address to members of the Church in Oshawa, Ontario. He was accompanied by his wife, Susan Bednar; by Bishop Dean M. Davies of the Presiding Bishopric and his wife, Darla Davies; by Elder Bradley D. Foster of the Second Quorum of the Seventy and his wife, Sharol Foster; and by Elder Walter C. Selden of the Seventy.

Elder Bednar explained to the congregation in Oshawa that the Lord is giving them experiences now that will help them prepare for other experiences they will have 20 years down the road. “The Lord knows us by name individually,” he said. “He knows our circumstances. … I witness that God lives and Jesus is the Christ. The heavens are not closed.”

He encouraged the Latter-day Saints to consistently pray and study the scriptures daily. “A plant that has shallow roots will quickly wither away,” Elder Bednar taught. “Be an agent and act … so those roots will sink in. As you are diligent and do the things you already know, you will not be blown away” (see Mark 4:3-20).

Elder Neil L. Andersen Visits Montreal, Quebec

At a meeting with local missionaries serving in Montreal, Quebec, Elder Neil L. Andersen taught that salvation through Jesus Christ comes to each person one by one. Emphasizing the importance of each person, Elder Andersen took the time to shake hands and greet each missionary individually. He was accompanied by his wife Kathy Andersen.

Because fewer people today speak about Jesus Christ, Elder Andersen expressed the vital role that parents play in teaching their children about the Saviour. As he addressed the congregation, he listed faith, diligence and patience as three important virtues for eternal progression. Elder Andersen encouraged the members of the Church to be diligent until they die, to remain faithful until the end.

Also joining in the weekend conference were Bishop Gérald Caussé of the Presiding Bishopric and his wife, Valérie Caussé; Elder Donald L. Hallstrom of the Presidency of the Seventy and his wife, Diane Hallstrom; and Elder David P. Homer, an Area Seventy.

In addition to their primary responsibility to be special witnesses of the name of Christ throughout the world, the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles have heavy administrative responsibilities as they oversee the orderly progress and development of the global Church.

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